An insiders guide to Social Media - May 4th, 6.30PM, GridAKL

In May, The Lucky Taco owner/operators Sarah and Otis Frizzell, along with Dr. Anna Jackson (AUT) joined us at our event ‘Beyond The Selfie: An Insider’s Guide To Social Media’ to discuss Social Media and the good and bad consequences of its use.

Sarah and Otis created The Lucky Taco after a visit to the States and Mexico in 2011, bringing back with them a dream to bring the authentic Food Truck culture to New Zealand.

There were hiccups, set-backs and delays. BUT, they did it. On May 14th 2013, they launched their  brand and their food truck: The Lucky Taco.

Their Social Media is as real as their food, with an honest and witty curation of their day to day life as Owner/Operators of Auckland’s most popular food truck and a rapidly growing brand, making them perfect candidates to talk about how you can grow your business through sharing your journey online.

Check out the video from the event below.