We were excited to kick off 2015 with two amazing speakers who have pioneered a new way of eating and looking after ourselves.

Megan May is the proud owner of Little Bird café. For Megan, growing up in a family which helped pioneer the organic movement in NZ, food and nutrition were always going to play a natural but important part in her life.  However as an adult she had a two-year struggle with serious illness that led to a total rethink of her lifestyle & nutrition.  To restore her health Megan began to research new ingredients and ideas and gradually build her repertoire of nutritious, healing foods – from this Little Bird was born.

Joining Megan for this talk, is Rebecca Wadey, owner of The Centre – a Yoga and Wellness centre. Rebecca is a busy working mother whose brush with cancer in her 20s sparked a life-long quest to optimise the health of herself and her family.  “I’ve been so inspired by the people I’ve met and energy I’ve generated for myself through yoga, raw food and natural therapies, it’s a dream to bring them together and create the kind of place where lives can be turned around.”

Watch the video below