We were so honoured to share that we are bringing Beyoncé’s Publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure to New Zealand for the first time to speak for Women’s Collective!

Yvette is one of the biggest players in the music industry who recently topped Billboard’s Women in Music list in 2016. She has worked with an enviable client list which includes music icons Mariah Carey, Prince, Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé to name but a few.

The leading publicist notably spearheaded Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half-time performance and critically acclaimed surprise album Lemonade which she followed up with the “Formation World Tour,” grossing over $250 million.

She also served as the publicist to the legendary international icon, Prince and his rockbound, 3RDEYEGIRL, until his untimely death in April, 2016. She remains the spokesperson for Prince’s estate.

Yvette has worked harder than most carving out a lane of her own that is uniquely her own while also raising a family of three beautiful children alongside her husband David.

To say that is an honour to have Yvette speak for the Women’s Collective is an understatement.

What it most certainly is, is a testament to a woman that in addition to her global success still prides herself as being a student of the world saying to Women’s Collective Founder Taryn Kljakovic at the end of a conversation “I can’t wait to come out and to learn from you all” perhaps revealing one of her many point of differences to most in an industry which is most often regarded as cut-throat and not for the faint-hearted.

Yvette’s career is far from an overnight success, her inspiring journey is made up of many stories of grit, determination, heartache, happiness and gratitude and most importantly, which we most never forget to say thank you.