Thursday April 28th, 6:30 PM

Our very first event for 2016 explored the very interesting topic of; Reinvention.

Sometimes the craziness of life forces us to reinvent ourselves and at other times, we make the decision to reinvent. That’s the exciting nature of being the dynamic, multi-faceted women that we are.

Our speaker for April was Jaquie Brown, an award-winning actress, writer, TV host, celebrant and mum of two.

Jaquie pondered, can we really have it all or is it actually a horrible trick? Can you really have a career and be a mother at the same time?

Jaquie spoke honestly about her experience as a mum juggling a career. What she thought she was in for and how she coped when reality hit. How losing her confidence after kids has been the biggest challenge she’s faced and how all of it has led to her own beautiful personal reinvention.