Dr. Katherine Gale is awe inspiring!

Surgeon, fashionista and all round awesome human.  She’s a qualified general surgeon (FRACS 2011) with sub-specialisation in surgical oncology.  She is passionate about breast surgery and she wants to offer women a more comprehensive service when faced with breast disease.  After completing her fellowship she spent a year at one of the world’s best breast centers, Nottingham Breast Institute, with world leading Oncoplastic Breast and Plastic surgeons.

During this time she trained in “the consolidated management of breast cancer and benign breast disease, along with reconstruction, in an effort to offer women a ‘one-stop’ shop approach when faced with breast cancer”. This is a fancy way of saying she can get rid of breast cancer and give you great boobs too!

Oh yeah…… in 2001 she started her own fashion label, ‘Suture’ and she produced a fashion show to raise money for skin cancer awareness. This was canvassed by TV1 news, who presented a small documentary on it in 2006.