It’s 5am and I just peed on my hand.

Fast forward 5 minutes and I’m looking at another pink negative sign.  F%*k  it.  Another month of blood tests, clinic visits, vaginal exams and endless waiting…

In my head, this baby making process was timetabled, calculated, organised and planned to occur on my schedule, slotting in just nicely between projects.  Said baby will arrive on X date at X time.  I would pop it out without a fuss and gracefully head back to work just after the Christmas holidays.  I’d continue to manage three start-up businesses whilst breastfeeding in my Lululemon exercise gear and the angel child would be clad in 100% cotton outfits colour coordinated with mine.

But right now, I wipe the pee off my hand and come to the dawning realisation that I’m full of shit.

“Nothing in life that is worth doing is easy” – My mum, circa sometime in my early 20s.

When my mother said this to me years ago, I was like yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh whatever.  Turns out she was right.  Nothing in life that is worth doing is easy. Nothing.  It all takes effort, thought and energy.

As much as you think you will be a picture of happiness blissfully gliding through the hurdles of life – you won’t.  Doing big stuff and challenging yourself is awesome, (whether this is popping out a sprog or launching a new venture, or both) but it’s bloody hard and you cannot control diddly squat. You launch into these things full of hope, idealism and promise… what gets you through it is grit, determination, sticking to your values & coffee.

Dealing with bad clients with big egos is pretty much the same as trying to feed grumpy children with the flu.  There will be times that you actually HATE what you are doing however there will also be amazing times where you pause, reflect and see the big picture for what it is.

Done is better than perfect.

This, my friend is actually what being a grown up is about.  And you know what – the sooner I figured out that bumbling along doing my best was actually okay and perfection was not required – I got happier and things got done.

Enjoy the journey not the destination.

That statement is so cheesy that I didn’t want to write it… but it is actually true.  The ‘journey’ is your life.  So don’t be a boozo and miss the ride. Revel in the mess, grief, smiles, tears and the blood & guts. Don’t wish your life away waiting for a goal to be achieved or a milestone hit.  Soak it all up like a big maternity pad… Ewww honestly the day I saw one these maternity pads – I seriously rethought having a baby. HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THEM???????????


Stop. Being. So. Mean. To. Yourself.

Crack on, do your best, try, aim high & give it your all.  Then go home and take a nap and enjoy being you.  Well that’s what I tell myself.


Written by Sasha Kljakovic