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As we know, women face more financial challenges than men. The good news is, we live longer but the bad news is we reach retirement with a lot less money!

Why? Women, generally earn less, often doing the same job. We take time out of our careers to have children and look after aging parents, so we spend fewer years working. We are more likely to be solo parents and we usually suffer more severe financial consequences when relationships end.


Looking after ourselves also means looking after our own money. It’s imperative we take control and do not accept being ignorant when it comes to money. We must also teach our daughters about handling their money to equip with the tools they need to be financially independent.

At this event our speakers were Hannah McQueen & Katie Wesney from enableMe (an amazing organisation dedicated to helping empower people with their personal finances), here is what they  covered during their talk:

  • The truth about money – why you spend all you earn, irrespective of your income
  • The ‘fritter’ factor – how to manage your finances and do things smarter, to save money
  • Your relationship with your bank – Some ‘home truths’ about banks and how you can stop paying them so much
  • Mortgage inefficiencies – why you are paying thousands of dollars too much in interest costs and how to save at least $100,000 in interest costs on your own mortgage
  • Financial ‘Life Stages’ – whether you are ‘Starting Out’, ‘Building Up’ or ‘Sitting Back’ taking control, goal setting and working to a plan is equally important
  • How can we prepare our daughters for financial success when the odds are already stacked against them
  • Case Studies – bringing it all together and showing how working with a personal finance coach can make a huge difference to your situation.



Hannah McQueen is considered New Zealand’s leading expert on personal finance. She is a Chartered Accountant, has her Masters in Tax, is the founder and Director of enableMe – Financial Personal Trainers, TV personality, the author of two bestselling books, her latest book has just been published; ‘Pocket Money to Property: How to Create Financially Independent Children’ and a Mum of two young kids, 4 and 7.

Katie Wesney is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Financial Adviser.  She is a Business Owner and Strategic Consultant at enableMe Takapuna and respected financial commentator.  Katie has more than 15 years’ experience working in the business and financial industry.  She is also a busy working Mum with three young kids aged 5, 7 and 9 and is dedicated to improving New Zealanders’ financial wellbeing.