Jimi Hunt is a self-professed ‘strange man’. Author. Graphic Designer. Talker. Mover and shaker.

He likes being different and he likes helping people – which is why we are obsessed with him.

Jimi is the co-founder of ‘Live More Awesome’, a charity which he started with his mate Dan to provide a community for people living with depression – and ultimately to help them live more awesomely.

“We wanted a place to be able to inspire others to better themselves, but more importantly for us, a way to motivate ourselves to be more than they currently were” says Jimi.

Adding, “both of us had suffered pretty seriously from depression. LMA was an idea based around the fact that if they continued to strive for better things and Live More Awesome, then there was no way that depression would ever get us again. So far, it’s working.”

Jimi has been known to float on a lilo down the entire length of the Waikato river to raise money for his charity. Oh, and he also built the world’s largest waterslide and wrote a book about it all.

To learn more about Jimi and his projects visit: