We know you guys will smash whatever you put your mind to this year, and we want to help give you some key information and tools, that will help you to feel at your physical and mental best.

To complete the job, we pulled together one of our best speaker line-ups yet. Seriously, so lucky to have these guys offer up their time for our community’s benefit!!

Joining us to talk was Monica MacRae, a Doctor who transformed her health from near-death to thriving wellness, Ben Warren, one of New Zealand’s leading nutritionists who founded holistic health and nutrition company, BePure and Kristina Cavit Founder & Director of the Kindness Institute, an organisation specialising in Mindfulness & Stress Reduction.

This was an amazing night filled with honesty and insight, there were lots of tears and laughter plus a whole lot of knowledge. If you would like to see these talks go to our Facebook page for the videos.



Monica is a legend (you will also think this once you hear her story).

At 21, Monica was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. During her 5th year of medical school she contracted an infection which led to months of hospitalisation and 13 surgeries. The infection got so bad that it led to what was deemed to be irreversible damage to the arteries in her lungs leading to shortness of breath and heart failure. Shortly after this diagnosis, Monica was told that she didn’t qualify for a lung transplant and that there was no cure – devastating. Monica knew that Western medicine had given her everything it could offer, which led Monica down a path of alternative methods of healing.


Ben Warren is one of New Zealand’s leading nutritionists and holistic health experts, his company BePure is the culmination of his experience helping people find optimal health. Ben has made it his mission to build a new future of health by empowering and educating New Zealanders on the importance of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Ben lives and breathes what he teaches. He enjoys traditional nourishing practices in a modern setting. Currently he lives with his wife and two daughters on a 15 acre, organic farm in the Hawke’s Bay where they grow over 80% of the food the family eats.

Read more at bepure.co.nz


Kristina is the Founder & Director of The Kindness Institute, an organisation that helps improve mental health and leadership capabilities through Mindfulness, The Work of Byron Katie and Yoga. She supports people to find clarity from extremely stressful situations in order to thrive & re-discover their motivation to become the best versions of themselves. Kristina spent 8 years working around the world with communities dealing with stress & trauma. As part of the New Zealander of The Year Awards, Kristina received a  Local Hero Award and was nominated for Young New Zealander of the Year 2014 for her work. She founded award winning organisation, NPH New Zealand to support almost 4,000 orphaned & abandoned children throughout Latin America. Kristina is also the Director of Mindfulness for Nga Rangatahi Toa where her work has contributed to a decrease in anti-social and often criminal behaviours of the young people and an increase of compassion and empathy. The people she has worked with report having improved relationships, happiness, sleep, stress levels, focus and motivation to grow and to thrive, despite their challenges.